Teaching Portfolio

Samuel Mindes is an outstanding, creative, and entertaining professor who shows a very clear passion for his field of study. This makes it so much easier to engage within the class and take away something new at the end of each lecture! One of my favorite classes this semester.
– undergraduate student at Washington State University

“I was completely surprised by how much I was able to learn in such a short amount of time because of how well you structured the class.”
– undergraduate student at Michigan State University

“Sam Mindes ranks among the most outstanding TAs it has been my privilege to work with in over 20 years of teaching.”
– Michigan State University professor

Course and Instructor Evaluations

My courses have been evaluated by students through university-provided course evaluations. My teaching has received overwhelmingly positive review from students, who have responded positively to my teaching style, lecturing ability, course organization, and general interactions with students. Despite high praise, I always use these evaluations to find ways to improve my courses and my teaching.

Follow the links below to access evalutions for my courses:
Youth & Society at Washington State University from Spring of 2019.
Sociology of Sport at Washington State University from Spring of 2019.
Sociology of Sport at Washington State University from Fall of 2018.
Sociology of Sport at Washington State University from Spring of 2018.
Summaries from evaluations at Michigan State University.
– Evaluations from supervisors while a TA/co-instructor available upon request.

Courses and Syllabi Developed

  • Sociology of Sport syllabus: Used in the Spring of 2019 (109 students) and Fall of 2018 (160 students) at Washington State University.
    • The signficantly different Spring of 2018 syllabus (class size of 50) can be found here.
  • Introduction to Social Research syllabus: Developed and taught at Washington State University in the Fall of 2017.
  • Youth & Society syllabus: Taught face-to-face at Washington State University during the Spring of 2019. I was invited to create this course in 2017 to be added to the University catalog due to my prior experience teaching on the subject. I also developed as an online version to be taught through WSU Global Campus.
  • Youth & Society syllabus (online): A courseI developed and taught at Michigan State Universityin the summers of 2015, 2016, and 2017. This is the syllabus for the 2017 edition.
  • Globalization and Development proposed course: The link includes an introduction, an annotated course outline, and an explanation of the learning competencies that drive the development of this proposed course. This was developed as a part of my comprehensive examinations.
  • Coming soon: Syllabus for Development of Social Theory to be taught Spring 2020 at Washington State University.

Assignments, Projects, and Exercises Developed

This is a selection of assignments, projects, and exercises I have created and employed, each with a link to the assignment or the assignment overview distributed to students.

Selective Teaching Portfolio (compiled)

Click here for a Selective Teaching Portfolio compiled into a single PDF. This includes:
– Statement of Teaching Philosophy
– Syllabus, sample assignment, and course evaluations for Sociology of Sport (Spring 2019)
– Syllabus, lesson plan, sample assignment, and course evaluations for Youth & Society (Spring 2019)
– Equity and Diversity Statement