I am an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Rural Sociology at Iowa State University in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice. I hold a PhD (2019) in sociology from Michigan State University. My appointment at Iowa State includes research, teaching, and extension responsibilities. Prior to joining ISU, I was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Idaho, where I studied minority and immigrant entrepreneurship in collaboration with economists. From 2017 to 2020, I taught many courses in the Department of Sociology at Washington State University, including social theory, social problems, social research methods, sociology of sport, and youth and society. 

My postdoctoral training at Idaho was in the Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Department. Working with Dr. Paul Lewin, I was involved in a variety of projects related to ethnic economies and rural community development. To the projects, I brought a focus on migrant communities and population dynamics, as well as an emphasis on sociological theory. For example, one study investigates Hispanic entrepreneurship at the intersections of Hispanic-group origin and immigrant generation to examine differences between first-, 1.5-, and later-generations of migrants.

My primary areas of research are global migration, community development, ethnic economies and communities, and globalization. I am also interested in population studies, migrant labor, and the sociology of sport. My dissertation research investigated emigration from the United States to Canada and Mexico, adding to our understanding of the North American Migration System. The title of my dissertation was “Emigrant America: Estimating and Envisaging Expatriation to Canada and Mexico.” For more on this project, visit the dissertation section of my website.

I have a strong passion for teaching sociology and love to take on pedagogical challenges. By the time I had completed my PhD, I had already taught eight undergraduate courses independently, co-taught another six, and served as a teaching assistant for one more. I have experience teaching online and in-person to classes ranging from just 20 students to over 150. I have had the opportunity to develop curriculum and assignments and have been responsible for the development of numerous courses. More information is available in my extensive teaching portfolio section of the website, where I have included student evaluations of my teaching.

To expand my training as an educator, I was an Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Teaching (IIT) Fellow at James Madison College at Michigan State University. As fellows, we discussed pedagogy, practice, course design, and curriculum development. The goal of the IIT Fellowship Program is to broaden and enrich the professional development experience of a diverse group of graduate students.

Outside of academia, I like to play many sports, primarily tennis and ultimate frisbee. I enjoy watching most sports. I also enjoy cooking, camping, hiking, and spending time with my wife and dog.

Please browse my website and feel free to contact me.