Welcome to the teaching portion of my website! Here you can find my Statement of Teaching Philosophy, a list of my Teaching Experience, and my Teaching Portfolio, which includes student course evaluations, syllabi, assignments, and rubrics. Here you can also find a list of my Research on Teaching and Learning.

A Very Brief Introduction to Me, the Teacher

While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I recognized that education is a powerful tool that opens doors and minds. My passion for teaching gave me an early opportunity to travel abroad. As a volunteer teacher for WorldTeach, I worked as a high school English teacher in the Marshall Islands and American Samoa. These experiences taught me about the necessary dedication a teacher must have to the profession and the creativity needed to succeed in an environment with limited resources. The diversity of problems faced while teaching abroad encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree in which I could make teaching a central component of what I do.

At Michigan State University, my teaching opportunities required me to reach students from a diversity of disciplines in a variety of classroom settings. Through these experiences, I have learned that successful teaching requires a desire to improve. Each syllabus, assignment, and lecture can be improved from the previous year and each class can be better than the one preceding it. Teaching requires creativity, flexibility, and a willingness to notice one’s own flaws. Though reusing course material over from the previous year is easier, I intentionally update lesson plans, lectures, and assignment to account for past weaknesses and to keep my teaching relevant with current political and social debates.

At Washington State University, I’ve had the opportunity to refine my teaching and expand my repertoire. Teaching independently, I have incorporated innovative pedagogical methods into my classroom, including using a student response system (Socrative), implementing a flipped classroom, incorporating film and current media, and assigning term-length collaborative projects. My role at WSU has allowed me to develop my pedagogy and curriculum to be more inclusive of different learning styles and break away from the every day lecture. I look forward to finding more ways to make my classroom more dynamic.