Chapter 3

Methodology: A Justification for the Pragmatic Approach in Migration Studies

Chapter Abstract

In this chapter, I explicate the pragmatic methodological worldview and its application to migration studies.  I review the methodology of this dissertation, which utilizes content analysis of qualitative data and existing data analysis of quantitative demographic data.  In addition to the discussion of my methodology, I evaluate the role of the pragmatic approach in overcoming various methodological issues in migration studies. These issues include the multi-disciplinary nature of migration studies, and thus the inter- and intra-disciplinary contention between quantitative and qualitative researchers, the specific limitations of qualitative and quantitative methods, and the complex ways in which migration studies spans national, social, and cultural borders.  In light of these complexities, I argue for a pragmatic approach, specifically one that utilizes comparative methods and mixed methods when feasible. This exposition functions as an argument for the pragmatic approach to migration studies as a whole and provides an explanation and justification of the methodological approach for this dissertation.